Ontario Resoles was established in 2016 to provide Ontario climbers and boulderers with a local option for high quality resoling and repair of their climbing shoes, and is now serving all of Eastern Canada. We are committed to producing top notch work using modern technology, and we strive to innovate in an industry that has remained unchanged for too long.

We are an authorized La Sportiva Resoler.

Everyone at Ontario Resoles has a relentless passion for exploring the world through climbing. We hope that we can help you pursue that same passion.

Our Promise

We are committed to providing top quality work that we can stand behind.

If you are dissatisfied with your shoes we want to know about it. We will repair under warranty any shoes that show irregular wear or delamination within 30 days of being returned to you.

Our Vision

To offer the best quality resoling, repairs, and performance enhancements of climbing shoes.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
To operate with a socially responsible business strategy, and to help preserve the wild outdoor spaces we love by offering a greener alternative to the replacement of worn climbing shoes.

To employ passionate people, and ensure that their employment fuels, rather than stifles, their passion.

Our Owner

Michael Doody is the owner and head resoler at Ontario Resoles. He is the driving force of our mission to continually provide the best quality possible. With a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, he worked at a large corporate firm while following his passion for resoling part-time. This was until he founded Ontario Resoles and committed to combining craftsmanship with a technical approach to climbing shoe resoling on a much larger scale. His engineering knowledge of material forming, polymer bonding, and machinery design guides the process that produces our outstanding resoles, repairs, and performance enhancements.