Update: Sole Compound Availability

In late 2017, Five Ten announced a complete discontinuation of Stealth rubber sheeting availability in North America.  We put in a large order as soon as we saw this coming, so we are still offering Stealth C4 as an option, but once we run out of the stock we have, it is gone for good unless we hear otherwise from Five Ten.

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of Vibram’s Grip compound in a 3.5 mm and a 5.0 mm thickness.  We are putting a number of other Vibram compounds through our testing procedures and hope to make them available soon — so far we are very excited by the results we are seeing.  Vibram has been a leading brand in mountaineering rubber since the ’30s.

What this will mean for you, our beloved customers, is more options to tailor your shoes to the climbing you are doing — be it delicate edgeing, sensitive smears, or anything in between.   Some of these compounds will come at a small additional cost, as they are significantly more expensive on our end, but we are working to ensure continued availability of economical options as well.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions regarding compound selection.

Ontario Resoles