Update: Five Ten Stealth C4 Rubber Availability

Early this year, there were a number of changes made to Five Ten’s distribution, and the official word was that they would be discontinuing availability of Stealth C4 rubber to all resolers.  As soon as we saw this coming, we bought a huge stock of C4 and have been offering it since.

Unfortunately, the day has come that our stock of the 4.2 mm thickness Stealth C4 has been depleted.  We still have 3.5 mm, but at this time cannot offer resoles with 4.2 mm.

However…  we are working hard trying to bring more in.  Both the 3.5 mm and the 4.2 mm Stealth C4 are still being offered in the US, but are not currently being sold to Canada.  We are trying to find a way around this, and as always, we will keep you in the loop.

Thank you for your patience!

Ontario Resoles