Lion's Head V-Neck

Lion's Head V-Neck


If just the thought of the pristine limestone of Lion’s Head makes your palms sweat, this shirt is for you. We’ve teamed up with Ungalli to bring you a responsibly produced tee you can wear proudly.

  • 50% Recycled Polyester / 50% Organic Cotton (non-GMO certified)

  • Ethically manufactured in Canada by respected workers paid fair wages in a safe facility, using sustainable fabrics and non-toxic dyes.

  • Impact Estimate: Each tee saves 10 plastic bottles from the landfill, 41 days of drinking water, 7 hours of lightbulb energy, and eliminates the equivalent of 1 km of driving emissions.

Note the size chart in the photos; sizes run slightly large. We recommend measuring a shirt you already own for reference.

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Ungalli is a Thunder Bay, Ontario clothing company founded by two sisters committed to bringing a new standard to an industry with a history of environmental and social exploitation.

Artwork by Mike Doody