+ What is a half-resole?

A half resole replaces the rubber sole on the toe-end of the shoe, where climbing shoes suffer the majority of their wear. A full resole would replace the entire sole, including the heel.

+ Can you resole a No-Edge shoe like a Genius or a Futura?

Yes we can! In fact, we are an authorized La Sportiva resoler; we offer authentic La Sportiva replacement soles to have your No-Edge shoes looking and performing like new.

We can also resole these shoes with a conventional edge if desired.

+ How do I choose the rubber for my sole?

Read this post! If you still have questions, you’ll be in a better position to arm us with the right information when you reach out for help.

+ Do I need rand repair?

You will need rand repair if the rand of your shoe has a hole in it, or has thinned to the point that it would form a hole shortly after a resole. You can gauge the thickness of the rand by pressing your thumb into various spots on the tip of the shoe. You’ll be able to feel thinned rand as a very soft spot. If you are unsure, you can always send us some photos for assessment.

+ Can you resole my previously resoled shoes? How many times?

Yes we can! How many times a shoe can be resoled depends on how well they are taken care of. We have resoled some pairs 5+ times, but we have also received shoes that were rotted to the point of being irrepairable before their first resole. Over time, the upper of the shoe wears and deteriorates from the inside out; this happens much more quickly when shoes are poorly cared for.

+ Are my shoes finished?

Maybe… have you checked your email? You can check our current shop time on the homepage to get a timeframe for when to expect to have your shoes back and better than ever. For mail returns, we’ll send an email as soon as the shoes are finished and shipped. For dropboxes, we’ll send an email as soon as the shoes are ready for pickup.

+ What is your turn-around time? Will my shoes be ready for my trip?

We keep our shop time updated on the home page along with the dropbox pickup schedule. The shop time begins upon pickup for dropbox shoes, and upon receipt for mail-ins.

+ Will you resole a single shoe?

Our policy is against doing shoes one at a time. This is partly because it benefits the customer greatly to keep the shoes balanced in performance by resoling the pair, and partly because our process is designed for pairs, so doing a single shoe would cost more than half the price of a pair, which is poor value. If you feel that you have good reason to have a single shoe resoled, please reach out to us.

+ Can I have my friend pick up my shoes from their gym after using a dropbox?

Yes, but please let us know before your finished shoes are delivered to the gym. We need to add your friend's name to the tag to authorize pickup by them.