Our Process

Our process has been meticulously designed to maintain and improve the performance of modern climbing shoes. Most of our tools and equipment were custom engineered to suit our need and allow us to meet our strict quality standards, with a focus on performance and durability. We can maintain the complex shape, downturn, and toe cup (concavity) in an aggressive shoe, or add concavity to a previously flat shoe upon request.

We begin by carefully inspecting your shoes. If you have requested a half resole only, we check to ensure the rand has enough rubber thickness remaining. If the rand is too thin for a quality repair, we will recommend rand repair. Because we must stand behind our work, we will not perform a resole without rand repair if we feel that it is truly needed.

A last is chosen from our custom suite, and inserted to retain the shoe’s shape during the resoling process.

We remove the worn out soles, and if needed, a section of the worn rand. Old and worn rand is replaced with new rubber which is blended to a smooth barely-there seam.

The new soles, of your chosen compound and thickness, are glued onto the shoe and pressed using our custom machinery to achieve a stronger-than-factory bond.

The shoes are given a final grind to trim the new sole and achieve a precise edge that is tailored to the specific shoe.

This process is under constant scrutiny for opportunities of improvement. As climbing shoe technology advances, so too will climbing shoe resoling.