Request a Resole

Step 1

Ensure that your shoes meet our criteria – not all soles can be saved!

Step 2

Fill out the resole request form. We will gather information about your shoes and email you a copy of your request.

Step 3

Get your shoes to us!
By mail, or using on of our convenient dropboxes

By Mail:

  • Mail your shoes to us at the address below.

  • Include your name, email, and phone number on a note placed inside the package.  

Ontario Resoles
PO BOX 99900 BP 582 576

Please don’t ship a single pair using a shoebox, it costs you more and you won’t get the box back.  We use and recommend poly mailers.

— OR —

Use one of our convenient dropboxes at:

You will find everything you need to label your shoes on top of our dropboxes.


Step 4

Once we receive your shoes, we will inspect them, review your request, and send you an invoice.  If your request is approved as-received, your shoes will enter the repair queue immediately.  If your request needs to be modified for a quality repair, we’ll let you know and await your approval.

You will receive an email when your shoes are ready for pick up, or when they have shipped.