Rush Service

We understand how critical a pair of shoes can be for a climbing trip or a competition. In fact we take pride in preparing your shoes for a trip or a comp.

We do offer rush service. However, we are unwilling to move your shoes ahead in the queue as this would be unfair to our other customers. This means that all rush service work will be performed after-hours to avoid affecting shop time for other customers. Because of this, rush service has some requirements:

  • Rush service must be requested (using the form below) and approved. There will be times where we cannot work overtime because we are too busy, or simply want to go climbing. During these times, rush service will be denied.

  • Your resole request must specify “Let the Experts Decide” for your selected service. Time is wasted waiting for permission to perform necessary rand repair.

The Rush Service fee is $20 + tax per pair, and does not include any of the existing service or shipping fees. If your request is approved, you will be provided a guaranteed delivery date.