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Services & Pricing

Resoling Services

Half Resole: $45.00 / pair
Half Resole + Rand Repair: $65.00 / pair
Half Resole + Targeted Thickness Rand Repair: $75.00 / pair

Custom Work: Contact us

No-Edge Shoe Resole: $70.00 / pair
No-Edge Shoe Resole + Rand Repair: $85.00 / pair

As an authorized La Sportiva Resoler, we offer authentic La Sportiva
No-Edge soles.

Additional Repair Services

Solution Strap Replacement: $10.00 / shoe
⋅ Replacement of frayed or broken straps on Solutions, Futuras, etc.

Minor Stitching Repair: $3.50 / shoe
Re-stitching of holes at the toes, tears, peeling Velcro, Miura lacing system, pull tabs, etc.
Velcro Strap Repair: $7.50 / shoe
Repair of worn or cut straps on shoes with Velcro closures.
D-Ring Repair: $5.00 / shoe
Repair of worn D-Rings on the straps of shoes with Velcro closures.

Shipping & Handling
(does not apply to dropboxes)

Ontario: $11.00 + $2.50 per additional pair*
Eastern Canada (NB, NL, NS, PE, QC): $13.00 + $2.50 per additional pair*
Western & Northern Canada (AB, BC, MN, NT, NU, SK, YK): $15.00 + $2.50 per additional pair*

* Pricing for a shipment of 4 pairs max. If you have more pairs to ship, contact us directly for approval and discounted shipping.

Taxes not included in pricing

Request a Resole

Step 1

Ensure that your shoes meet our criteria – not all soles can be saved!

Step 2

Fill out the resole request form. We will gather information about your shoes and email you a copy of your request.

Step 3

Get your shoes to us!
By mail, or using on of our convenient dropboxes

By Mail:

  • Mail your shoes to us at the address below.

  • Include your name, email, and phone number on a note placed inside the package.  

Ontario Resoles
PO BOX 99900 BP 582 576

Please don’t ship a single pair using a shoebox, it costs you more and you won’t get the box back.  We use and recommend poly mailers.

— OR —

Use one of our convenient dropboxes at:

You will find everything you need to label your shoes on top of our dropboxes.


Step 4

Once we receive your shoes, we will inspect them, review your request, and send you an invoice.  If your request is approved as-received, your shoes will enter the repair queue immediately.  If your request needs to be modified for a quality repair, we’ll let you know and await your approval.

You will receive an email when your shoes are ready for pick up, or when they have shipped.



 Gift Certificates

Give someone a fresh sole!

These certificates can be used to redeem credit toward a resole or repair.  

Choose a colour and value below and we’ll mail a gift certificate to your address. 

Postage is free.

Certificate Colour